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School Visits

I offer both author talks and creative writing workshops at my school events. Below is a rough outline of what I provide, but I can be flexible with regards to timing and combining talks and workshops. Please contact me if you would like further information.


Author Talks

  • My author talks are thirty to forty minutes long and are suitable for large groups of primary school children..

  • I’ll use a Powerpoint presentation.

  • We will talk about why we love stories and how to make our imaginations grow. I'll talk about ‘Alex Sparrow and the Really Big Stink’ - how I got the idea and started the story and what it's like in Alex's world. I try to be as interactive as possible, so I will be asking lots of questions, and playing games. I want every child to feel involved.

  • I will talk about how I became a writer, and life as an author, as I find most children are especially interested in this!

  • I’ll read a very short excerpt from ‘Alex Sparrow and the Really Big Stink’.

  • I’ll answer any questions the children have about writing or authoring, or anything they like!

  • My aim is to encourage the children’s love for stories, so that they leave raring to pick up a book and read, or to write one themselves.

I can also run extended author talks, with added content, story starter activities, and with additional time for questions, if you'd rather I deliver these than class workshops.

For repeat visits, I have additional assemblies based around other books and story writing.


Not-So-Super Powers Workshop

  • Best for Years 3 and 4

  • For one class (approximately 30 children)

  • Lasts approximately 50 minutes


This session encourages children to look at well-known story devices in a new way. We will talk about classic superheroes and powers, and then, using ‘The Stink’ as a springboard, we’ll try to think up some more interesting powers, and the drawbacks that come with them. The children will create characters with these powers, and I’ll show them how to build stories around them. I'll encourage the children to share their ideas and to help each other to build stories from them.

Animal Agents Workshop

  • Best for years 1, 2, 3

  • For one class (approximately 30 children)

  • Lasts approximately 40 minutes

This session links with the Alex Sparrow books. Using the idea of pets and animals leading double lives as secret agents, we will create agent profiles for our unique animal agents and build missions for them, creating exciting and imaginative adventures.

Everyday Adventures Workshop

  • Best for years 5 and 6

  • For one class (approximately 30 children)

  • Lasts approximately 50 minutes

Something that runs through all of my stories is the idea of looking at ordinary and familiar things and re-imagining them so that they become extraordinary or form part of an unexpected adventure.This session draws on all of my stories, but especially  'Mo, Lottie and the Junkers' and aims to encourage children to look at everyday things in a new way to create exciting adventures.

Imagination Workshops - for SEN

  • These are specifically aimed at children with Special Educational Needs

  • For up to 30 children - group numbers depending on the needs of the children attending

  • Lasts from 30 minutes up to two hours, depending on the ages and requirements of the children

My imagination workshops are aimed specifically at children with special educational needs and will be tailored to each individual group. I have a range of activities, including sensory-based fun for younger children, and idea-generating activities and sessions based on developing ideas into stories and finding a way to record them for KS2 and up, whether that's writing, drawing or acting them out. I will work with teachers to design a session to suit their particular group of children. My main aim is for children to have fun building stories and being creative, and to boost their self-confidence in developing and expressing their ideas.

I have  Public Liability insurance.

Breakdown and Charges

My charges are £400 plus travel and accommodation expenses (where applicable), for a full day visit.


A full day would typically (and preferably, because I strongly feel that the class workshops produce brilliant results) include:

  • Whole school assembly (no maximum number of children)

  • Up to 3 class workshops

  • Signing

Alternatively, I could run a full day with three, longer assemblies with added content, story starter activities and more time for questions and answers.

My charges are £250 plus travel and accommodation expenses (where applicable), for a half day visit.

A half day would typically include:

  • A whole school assembly, one class workshop and a signing

If you are interested in making a booking, or would like more information, please contact me at or get in touch with my agency

Terms and conditions apply to my bookings, and will be emailed, along with a book pre-order letter and booking form, once we have agreed a date for the visit.

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